A visual collection of the books that I own.

My Library


The titles below represent just a small fraction of my actual library. I love books. I love picking something up, turning the pages, looking at the pictures. I also love the ubiquitous nature of information that digital copies offer. In an attempt to minimize the physical things that I own (and make moving homes a lighter task) over the last four years I've slowly been selling some old books and acquiring digital copies of others. As part of that process, I'm building out this catalog. Many are leftover from college (where I studied cog sci and English lit), some are references for different jobs I've had (in marketing, UX, and business), and a few are random.


The End.

Entering the details here is an ongoing work-in-progress, and I love using the scanning capabilities of the Goodreads mobile app for this. This catalog is inspired by other projects and book collections. The code is based off the open source code available here.