03 January 2013 // 2013-3

The 100 Days Project and a Definition of Creativity

This is a lovely TEDx talk from art director Emma Rogan in New Zealand. She started a 100 Days of Design project to encourage herself and others to spend some time each day in creative exploration.

The exercise could easily be adapted to a 30 days project. The project is a great way for people of all ages and in all industries to spend a little dedicated time each day involved in their own creative play.

Emma also cites a definition of creativity from former TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson.

"We need to redefine what creativity is." She paraphrases Robinson to say, "Creativity is a series of essential processes of the brain. It is imagining, solving, and inventing."

His TED talk is on how schools kill creativity.

Author: Erin Jo Richey
URL: http://erinjorichey.com/thumos/articles/the-100-days-project-and-creativity

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