Erin Jo Richey

This space is for experiments and explorations.

I'm an information choreographer and user experience person. Currently, I'm co-founder and CXO of Known, an open source social publishing platform built on #indieweb principles. Previously, I worked as an independent user experience strategist, a web analyst, a digital marketing specialist, and an ecommerce manager.

Many of the projects I have worked on include elements of open source technology, information design, analysis, and user research. I'm also fascinated by areas like psychology, human information processing, usability, sustainability, and the built environment.

I have a degree in cognitive science from Occidental College, and I've been fortunate enough to have also studied literature, dance, and environmental design.

At the moment I'm based in San Francisco, after spending time living in Los Angeles and Portland.

Erin is noodling around the internet.
Erin Jo Richey